Mike Arevalo
Founder of Reach

Michael Arevalo is the Founder and CEO of Reach Mobile. Michael has been an Entrepreneur with an interest in Psychology and Marketing. His belief in treating everyone with kindness, coupled with his helping attitude, were the driving force for the creation of Reach Anonymous.

Reach was developed because of the need to share troubles we go through without being criticized for it. "I was nervous telling my friends about personal issues going on in my life, I just wanted someone to hear me out" says Michael Arevalo."We go through things everyday, why not have a mutual friendship to help one another while being anonymous." In his spare time Michael loves to play basketball, watch sports and continuously think of other business opportunities to start and venture into. His partnership with NBA Cavaliers basketball player, J.R. Smith has made Reach Anonymous a driving force in the mobile therapy market. His brother Chris Smith has also been of great help with his Professional athletic career."

Our Goal With Reach Anonymous

Reach Anonymous wants to help everyone around the world with their issues. There are many future updates that will aid in making communication with professionals as well as everyday users. We want the user to be in control of their own issues and feeling totally safe while sharing them. Reach has many developing partnerships and is endorsed by many celebrities. The thriving community continues to grow and will make an everlasting impact on how we view therapy.

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